Hi Lovelies.

Graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, emphasis in photography and book-making. The first of a large Hispanic/Mexican family to not only graduate college but explore the realm of the creative arts. Enjoying the process of new sets of work that comes from exploring Chicago, and its surrounding cities, based on the words of my family members who grew up here for the past 200 years. With each new revision, book or photographic images, I try to give new context by shifting space, form, and placement.

Exploring the ideas of the familiar and reoccurring from growing up in a large Hispanic family and being the oldest of my generation. Emphasizing on the ideas of home, where one’s identity is manipulated, shifted, molded, erased, strengthened, and more. Recognizing that even though we are connect by this word “Family”, we are all different people. I am not figuring out my place in the space of family, but documenting the events, spaces, and people that are held within this word “Family” that is so familiar to my culture.

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