I grew up in a Hispanic household that shared the harsh realities and encouraged the suppression of feelings. Having been afraid to embrace my notions of the world, making myself vulnerable and open for criticism. I started using Photography to explore representations of my life and the lives of those close to me.

Encouraged by other artists exploring their personal lives through self-portraiture, I started to feel comfortable with the idea of turning the camera towards myself. Understanding these reflections as perceptions of events has alleviated the difficulties to balance how much to reveal while protecting loved ones.

Using both film and digital processes to embrace a full range of control over the medium and explore the unknown. Investigating different sequential presentations of prints to build narratives, organizing fleeting moments, and incorporate transitions between these collections of memories. Under new investigations of the quotidian, ephemeral, and recollections that are influenced by family. The telling of their stories, living with them, and now a new independence away are how I process the information.